∞ Sativia ∞

by Summer of Haze

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In smoke and snow there is a winter icemade shadow however it’s not eternal as it seems. Aethereal sounds predict seasons change, celestial beats torn by inextinguishable light open the ouroboros gates. Everything ends but this EP doesn’t obey the laws and creates infinite skylines with warm memoradelia and inexpressible atmosphere.
Very intimate and versatile, this thoughts-ocean created by Summer of Haze make you trip until the last soundwave and a bit more.


released April 3, 2012

artwork by Xenia Mongolova




ODDOT Cambodia

We don’t know how. We don’t know what
Sometimes strange things and odd sounds
make us happy and sad in the same moment

ODDOT is a label specializing in modern newbreed music – music influenced by days and nights, crystal air, dark fog, warm oceans, cold forests, lo-fi, dreams, chillwave, witches, shoegaze, memoradelia, tropics, glo-fi and post-whatever.

March 2014: label is closed for while
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